Ozbel and the Elephant(オツベルと象) 立ち読み 関連商品

Ozbel and the Elephant(オツベルと象)

出版社 新函館ライブラリ
著者 文 宮沢賢治、画 佐藤国男、訳 ピーター・ハウレット
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This is a story of a story being told by a certain herdsman. Ozbel was a wealthy landowner and a good proprietor. He had many employees working for him and had a steady flow of business. To this scene out of the blue, came a white elephant. Ozbel deceived the elephant and forced him to do demanding jobs such as fetching water and blowing on a smithy fire. The jobs got harder and harder, but the elephant was only given a few sheaths of straw every day. The exhausted elephant finally decided to write a letter asking his friends to save him from his ordeal, and then…


The Restaurant ...
Judge Wildcat a...